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Shauna Lea and Big Trouble Band

Big Trouble is one of the premier country variety bands in the Sacramento area. They provide country, rock, blues, for your entertainment.
Born in Sacramento Ca, she quickly moved to the foothills. A country girl with a mix of talent and class. She has performed for large audiences all over Northern California for many types of events, including MMA fights, Barrel Races, Rodeos and Sprint Car races. As well as many local Sacramento, and surrounding, venues and clubs. She gets the audience dancin’, and she can also bring it down for a beautiful ballad with a great range of melodic sounds. She has great energy and always ready for fun!
Gary grew up in a musical family and started playing the mandolin at the age of 6. He performed in his first gig at the age of 8 at the Adirondack Bluegrass League with The Blodgett Family– a family band which consisted of his father, Gary Sr. who played the banjo, his mother, Nancy, who played the bass,and Gary’s two sisters who initially sang leads (along with Gary) and played tambourines. As the years passed, Gary began playing guitar and his sisters both took up the mandolin. At the age of 14, Gary began playing with Smokey Greene and the Boys. When he turned 18, Gary struck out on his own. Since then he has played all over the United States, but may be best known for the time he spent playing in Key West. Currently, he resides in Central California, though he still travels all over the US playing anything with strings:)
Dan Cribb is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, arranger, and teacher whose musical heritage stems from both sides of his family. He started at age 4, playing drums in his local church in San Francisco. In later years he moved on to other musical instruments, including guitar, bass, piano, organ, and saxophone, along with several other assorted instruments. Dan started his formal music education in the seventh grade, and continued it into college. He has performed all over the United States in small and large venues with, and opened for, several national acts in Country and Gospel music. He has experience in orchestral and choral conducting and vocal technique and harmony coaching. He has also taught music in school and gives private lessons on occasion.
Dan’s passion is being an accompanist, and enjoys working with great players and singers. He attributes his ability to being a gift, and loves what he does, hoping to bring enjoyment to anyone who will listen.

Start 12:30AM